Financial and Corporate Planning

All entrepreneurial activities require planning. This ensures that the possible effects of these activities remain manageable and the future success of the company is recognizable – as far as possible.

The systematic compilation of all deposits and withdrawals associated with a project or company is called entrepreneurial financial planning. Financial planning deals in particular with all expected cash flows and capital structures, which will be reflected in future annual financial statements.

As part of financial and corporate planning, I will assist you in developing the necessary instruments and reviewing them.

Accounting and Calculation

I support you in collecting and recording all costs and services that must be taken into account in your project. The objective is to determine the type of all costs and their amount (cost type calculation) and to assign these costs, where they are incurred (cost center calculation) and what they are incurred for (cost object calculation).

I also advise you on the calculation of your project. To check the profitability of your project, a continuous comparison of the target and actual costs is mandatory.

These instruments provide you with well-founded information on the basis of which you can make your operational decisions with a clear conscience.

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